Monday, 25 January 2016

Hina Rasim's Luxury Shopping Event...coming soon!

I've been lucky enough to be invited to Hina Rasim's latest shopping event, featuring high-end designer brands from Pakistan, which is taking place next month at The Dorchester (ooooh! sounds gorgeous already!)

You may remember a similar event by Hina Rasim that I attended last summer, which was an Eid event, which I really enjoyed because it gave me the chance to see beautiful outfits up-close and which gave me the chance to meet a few of the designers and speak to them.

The event is taking place next month and tickets cost £10.00, and it's an ideal opportunity for those looking for formals or party-wear, as well as pretty casual-wear!

I'm looking forward to meeting the designers who will be in attendance, and especially pleased to see their latest collections which I can usually only see from a computer/mobile screen! There's quite a few big brands being showcased such as Elan and Farah Talib Aziz which I am big fans of, and it's great that we can see the collection which isn't really that accessible to those of us in the UK.

I'll be posting about the event after I've attended - leave a comment if you'll be attending too!


  1. It would be great if you could share the details of the event as I can't attend :( it owuld be great to see what outfits were there and pricing details. So sad that Pakistani designers are not available so widely in the UK.

    1. I will be attending, so hopefully be able to share pictures/details of the event. Even if you can't attend, Hina Rasim is pretty good with online orders so you can always email for prices etc !

  2. Hi. When are you sharing the details and pics of the event? Thanks