Sunday, 10 January 2016

MAKE-UP REVIEW: L.A Girl Matte Lipsticks

I recently bought a few shades of L.A. Girl USA Matte Pigment Gloss, an American brand which I'm loving the range of, and which are amazingly priced for a liquid lipstick. These were released in America about six months ago, and I've been hankering after a few darker shades of lipsticks recently (probably because its the winter season and our inner vamps come out then) so these were pretty ideal.

I couldn't help buying at least a few shades, as they were so reasonably priced, at around £5 each (or round about, you can find them cheapest on eBay here and here, but I have also seen them for sale on Instagram as well!)

The lipsticks I chose were mainly purple shades, although I did also get one neutral, nude-brown as well; Timeless, Fleur, Backstage and Rebel, below.

I've already worn the darker two colours, and I love how long they last and the beautiful pigment - here are the swatches I've done below. I think the picture is a little brighter than the shades show, which are slightly deeper, but the colours look great on and are pretty close to the picture below.

I think my favourites so far are Rebel and Fleur, they're both beautifully creamy and very flattering shades, Timeless is a little lighter than Rebel but still very pinky, and Backstage is probably the darkest but it comes on a little sheerer than the others so needs more layering.

I'm loving this latest addition to my liquid lipstick collection, and will definitely be getting more because they're such good value for money. The feel of liquid and the actual brushes are pretty on par with a lot of more pricey liquid lipsticks I have like Lime Crime and Kat von D and definitely have the staying power as well.

I've got my eye on a few more shades (although I think I'll get them after pay day!) but I'm really happy with my choices. Have you tried these? Which colours do you like?

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