Thursday, 16 July 2015

Junaid Jamshed comes to London..!

Reknowned Pakistani designer Junaid Jamshed opened his latest store in east London last weekend, via brand merchants Janan, just in time for Eid shopping!

My mum's a fan of this brand, she's bought some of the suits Junaid Jamshed before in Pakistan, and loved the quality of the suits - so it was only natural that we'd want to check the store out when it launched.

The one thing which really struck me about this store was the decor - I love the wooden panelling, the Moroccan-inspired walls and the beautiful dark wood, which makes such a change from the usual white flooring and bright lights I've seen most boutiques have!

The store itself also has a good range - women, men and children's ready-made outfits, unstitched fabrics, perfumes and ouds as well as a jewellery range.

The clothes themselves are great for summer time, gorgeous prints and embroidery and right on trend - shorter kameezes with beautiful hems, cropped pants and a variety of colours.

 All pictures courtesy of Junaid Jamshed PR group and do not belong to me

I'm waiting to see what else comes to the store over the next few weeks, so far we haven't bought anything yet (mainly because we're keeping an eye out for potential Eid outfits!) but I'm sure we'll snap something up soon!

I noticed the fact that there's also a bunch of other stores which have opened around the world in Pakistan, America and Dubai, which shows what a global brand this is, and also how wearable their clothes are.

What do you think of this brand? Have you seen anything which has caught your eye for Eid?

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  1. Looked great! They have a website. Disappointed with their designs and the price they are charging, not imoressed