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Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza 8 - London 2015

I recently followed Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza 8 which took place a few weeks ago, showcasing a range of designers - I wasn't able to attend but a few people I know did, including a friend who does PR for these events, and I was able to see a few pictures of the catwalk as well as the backstage fun!

Here's a look at some of the models on the catwalk and various designers' collections - I can't post all of the designs so I'll post my favourites from each collection, but you can see more here.

Kuki Concepts
I liked that there were a range of colours in this collection, from soft pastels and whites to more vivid combinations and rich fabrics. The main thing I noticed was the longer hemlines with plenty of flowy skirts, making it a pretty collection - and  I loved the mix of colours with this one.

Texheeb London
I was quite glad to see this on the list of designers showcasing, as the flagship store for this is pretty near me and I love some of the collections they house. As well as carrying well-know Pakistani designer brands, Texheeb London has its own in-house designer for their own collection. These were a range of bridals, which I thought were lovely and pretty in-line with Pakistani fashion trends - their lighter coloured bridals were gorgeous, while they also had some lovely formals too.

Madiha Gohar
This was geared for a more semi-formal, Western look, with a lot of jackets, jumpsuits, printed silks and embroidered tops and kameezes. I thought this was pretty ideal for a 'fusion' style and a lot of these were very wearable for more everyday functions, while still being dressy enough. I loved some of the jackets which came in various lengths and would got with a lot of different outfits, both Western and Asian.

Revaan by Sidra Khalid
I really liked this collection, it was colourful and floral, and had a really good mix of styles - shorter hems, maxi dresses, capes and lenghas. There were also a good mix of colours, soft shades with metallics for a more richer look - my favourite were the shorter kamezes in this collection, which really made the floral embroidery stand out.

Saira Rizwan
This was another collection which made the most of the short hem trend which is creeping in, and looked really stylish. There were a lot of formals showcased in this collecction, and I really liked some of the embroidered pieces like the ones below - perfect for summer and very stylish with minimal bling.

Gul Styles
This is another brand I like seeing, as their main store is also near me, and I've seen a lot of their collections over the years. Gul's Style has a very traditional look to their style, and this continued through the collection on this catwork - plenty of beautiful embroidery and heavy work on their bridals and heavier formals. It's hard to see the intricate designs in these pictures but the work is pretty beautful, and gives the collection a pretty regal look.

Faisal Ishtiaq Ahmar (FIA)
I haven't heard of these designers before, but I loved the floral and motif designs on their collection. This was a mainly longer hem-line collection, with maxi dresses, longer kameezes and flowy bridals, but it didn't look too busy and I loved the colours used together.

Aliya Omar
I liked how rich the work on these were, and how classic some of them looked. There were a lot of straight-cut kameezes with slits, but they looked pretty elegant and played with colours and fabrics (like the two-tone one below, which reminded me of my childhood!)

Faika Kareem
This collection used a lot of rich fabrics and stones, and I thought it looked very elegant and slightly Mughal-inspired. The dresses are beautiful (and great modesty-wear!) with the focus being on the fabrics and colours rather than too much bling. I also liked the theme of long beaded necklaces to finish off the outfits, and

This was a very regal collection, lots of heavily embellished dresses and lenghas, and fuller hems. There were a a lot of bridals as well, which had pretty classic styles to them and were similar to a lot of their previous collections. Compared to the other collections, this one didn't stand out as much to me, but it did have the signature Mehdi style to it which would be ideal for brides-to-be who like the style.

Photography by Shahid Malik Photography

I really liked the fact that there were a range of designers and styles at this event, and it was nice to see different colours, fabrics and hemlines. I also was glad to see a lot of familiar names, and thought that there was a lot of inspiration to be had, both bridal and non-bridal!

I really liked some of the formal ranges, such as the simpler embroidered kameezes by Saira Rizwan, and would definitely look into the collection for potential Eid outfits.

Which outfits did you like the most?

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