Wednesday, 10 June 2015

KAPRAY SHAPRAY: Satya Paul does Disney

I'm surprised no one has done this before, but of all the sari designers, I'm not surprised that it's Satya Paul's brand which went for it. I came across these while searching for sari ideas, and found this collection - Masaba's last venture with the iconic Satya Paul brand, teaming up with Disney for a stylish retro-modern collection called 'Disney Mono Pop by Satya Paul'

I thought some of these were really cute, and an interesting novelty idea for someone who wants something different in a sari. I'm a fan of re-interpretation and art and I love that it's been applied to the classical sari (although this collection also has tops, bags, scarves and other apparel in the collection).

They look really stylish on a few of the Bollywood celebs who helped launched the collection back in December 2014, although it's been spotted on a few other celebrities since then too.

You can buy some of the saris on Satya Paul's official website here - what do you think of this collection?

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