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THE WEDDING POSTS: Finding Gold Shoes!

I've been meaning to do more wedding posts from the preps I did from my wedding, since a lot of readers ask me about certain details, and I've wanted to share my experience. Unfortunately some of my pictures were damaged from the wedding days, so I've been trying to recover these, but I'll still be doing the posts!

One of the biggest headaches from my wedding preps was finding the right gold shoes for my bridal outfit. My main problem was that the shoes were just not gold enough in colour - they were all either pale gold or a rose-gold, which didn't go with the wedding lengha I would wear. I wanted to wear yellow-gold heels that were comfy enough to wear with a heavy lengha, that could be re-worn and also look glamorous enough for a wedding day.

I didn't mind if I got a designer shoe or not (and I didn't, in the end), but I was keen on something easy to wear, and decided to go with peep-toe court heels style which I'm very used to, and which would go with a lot of my outfits afterwards.

These are the shoes I found while hunting in the shops - I literally looked on the high street for cheaper heels, and the designer ones for bargains. I looked in a lot of shops, so these are not all of the ones I looked at, but they were the more serious contenders:

Kurt Geiger Belgavia (currently on sale I think) - I loved how these looked on my feet, but they felt too party-ish and not quite right for a weddingy look. It was added to my list of heels I wanted to buy for later dawats/events, but not for the wedding.
Dune Delia - I've seen a lot of girls with these shoes (my sisters have them and I now have a version of them!) - they're not too high, they're comfy and they're easy to walk in. I did consider going for a shorter heel so the lengha would be easier to walk in, but decided not to in the end, because the colour was too light gold in colour, and I decided to go for a higher heel.
Dune Beautie - a rose-gold pair of heels, which caught my eye because they were so sparkly. I also liked the fact that these had crystals on them. Again, these was quite decently priced, but it was too rose-coloured for my outfit, and I thought it would clash. I also wasn't sure about the point heeled look.
Jimmy Choo Isabel - My sister had bought these for her own wedding day, so these were a pair to consider. Again, these were lower heeled, and came in silver and a light gold, but they were still too light-coloured for me, which I wasn't keen on.
Jimmy Choo Evelyn - very similar to the shoe above, but a higher-heeled version. Again, these came in a few different colours, but none of them were a yellow enough gold. I also debated spending a lot of money on shoes that I didn't feel quite happy with.
Louboutins strassed heels - the term 'strassed' basically means to cover them with crystals, When searching for gold heels, I saw this term a lot, specifically in relations to Louboutins, which added to the cost of them up to about £2000 for some of them. Unfortunately this was way above my budget, and I didn't have the funds for this, nor did I think it was something I wanted to spend this much on. I'll still dream the dream of having Louboutins one day though!

Karen Millen gold crystal heels - these were probably my favourite of the heels I saw (I think I loved them as much as the ones I ended up with!) They were the perfect colour and incredibly sparkly, although I think they're now no longer selling because they were limited edition. I took pictures of myself trying them on, so I'm annoyed that I can't post these because the pictures are lost - but they looked very glamorous and sparkly on. The only drawback for me was that they were pointy - I jsut didn't want pointed heels poking out of my lengha skirt from the bottom!
Dolce & Gabbana gold heels - I saw this picture somewhere and thought these were extravagant, but pretty amazing. Unfortunately I couldn't find them for sale ANYWHERE. So they were off the list.

The heels I ended up with were high street ones, partly because I opted not to spend a lot for the wedding day, and partly because I didn't get a lot of wedding preps done as I wanted. I don't really regret this because they were the last things on my mind on the wedding day, and I just wanted something comfortable to walk around in.

These were gold court shoes that I ended up buying from Carvela, which were a lovely shape and which I thought were a good fit. I would have liked them to be a little more yellow, but they were pretty sparkly and on the day, went with the look pretty well. I've worn these at least five or six times for weddings and events since my own wedding, and they're seriously comfy.

I've noticed the latest trends of heels seems to be either glamorous pointy court shoes, or strappy sandals, which are a really stylish alternative to the usual heels I've seen. Looking back now, I'd love to go for something different. My heels for my mehndi event were 5-inch gold glittery heels from Dune, which were actually really comfy and added a sparkle to my outfit.

I've had friends who have tried other things when they couldn't find the right heel - one of my closest friends opted for khussay (those beaded flat shoes) for her wedding day, for comfort and a traditional look; another friend couldn't find Louboutins she wanted so bought some plain ones and a good few hundred Swarovski crytals, and then spent a month customising her heels to her satisfaction. I've even seen the contrast look done well - hot pink shoes with a white dress, and so on. So for brides-to-be looking for the perfect shoes, it is a headache, but you will find something you like, so don't give up!

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  1. The third shoe from the top has to be my favorite. very bubbly!