Sunday, 15 June 2014

On the Catwalk, On a Celebrity: Kangana Ranaut in Nupur Kanoi

I've been a very busy bee lately, (when haven't I been these days?) which is why I've been sporadically blogging here and there. I've been seriously bogged down with wedding preps/house-hunting/work stuff/family-time and I've barely had time to post half the things I want to (I've taken lots of pictures of the wedding stuff though, don't worry, and will post these closer to the time when it's all together for lots of pretty posts!). Most of the bigger and important wedding stuff is done and booked now (thank goodness) and things are really starting to come together. so hopefully I should have a bit more time to post.

On the catwalk
In the meantime, here's some eye candy from a designer I came across recently, Nupur Kanoi, whose designs from Lakme Fashion Week 2014 featured plenty of beautiful nude-pink and gold designs that I loved. There's very little bling here, it's all about brocade and jacquard fabrics, self prints and cuts of the dresses. I also like that the same style of fabric and colours have been interpreted into different styles, whether it is a pencil dress, a maxi dress or a jacket-style dress with trousers. There's something very elegant about these, and very feminine which looked beautifully made.

The first outfit below is quite figure-hugging, so probably suits a slimmer or curvier build, while the second two designs are more flowy around the skirt area which feel a little more accommodation. I do like each of the designs below, and the fact that they're fairly different in shape to each other.

On the celeb
Bollywood beauty Kangana Ranaut recently wore a Nupur Kanoi ensemble to a promotion for her film Queen, which I thought looked lovely, especially because it was such an understated look. Kangana is a natural beauty, and I love how the outfit, updo hair and her make-up is subtle and doesn't overpower the whole look. I also like the fact that she has no accessories on as well, and that she has simple sandals on which look casual and chic.

While the outfit looks similar on both the model on the catwalk, and on Kangana, I think it looks more appealing on Kangana because it doesn't look as overly-polished as it does on the catwalk. Rather, it looks like a summery, light semi-formal outfit which isn't too fussy and looks very pretty on - and also shows how shorter hemlines are coming back in without being too dressed up. I also like the Westernised look to this dress, it looks like it could be worn as an evening dress on its own without the churidar bottoms, and would still look great.

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