Friday, 6 June 2014

DESIGNER MODE: Nomi Ansari's Rang Mahal Collection

Here's some beautiful eye candy for you to start off your weekend, old school glamour, richly mixed colours and beautiful outfits by Pakistani designer Nomi Ansari which hark back to an older era. There's plenty of beauty and regal glamour in these outfits, as well as a mix of traditional style lenghas with tops that have varying hemlines.

I love the detail that goes into Nomi Ansari's work, not just the beautiful colours combines but the richness of the work and the styles of the outfits. I also like the mix of floral embroidery with old-style gota work, some chatta patti style (where strips of coloured fabrics are sewn together like a quilt for a harlequin or stripey effect) as well as the usual metal-work and crystals.

Definitely some inspiration here for mehndi outfits and bridals!

Outfits by Nomi Ansari
Styling by Sabs the Salon


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