Sunday, 5 January 2014

FOLLOWING TRENDS: Transparent Plastic Neon Clutch Bags

I've seen these floating around in a few places, and they've really caught my eye. Surprisingly, they've grown on me and I'm quite liking them, they're colourful, fun and funky, and they seem like an easy way to jazz up an outfit.

I can imagine these aren't to everyone's taste (my sister doesn't like them at all) and they may be too bright for some people's taste - but I think these are cute way of going for bold blocks of colours for a modern look. I've seen a few celebrities carrying these (like here, for example) and I can certainly see these being worn on the Asian clothes scene too.

I saw these Skinny Dip plastic clutches in TopShop, which I though were cute, I liked the bold colours and thought the gems added a playful look - not luxurious certainly, but I don't think it's really meant to be.


The clutches aren't just from the last few months too, Zara had these clutches in the summer, and there's several cheap alternatives in New Look (like this one) or other styles like this one or these at Amazon. Again, the colours are bright, funky and make interesting statement pieces.

I found a cheaper alternative for the plain clutches here, for a brand LYDC London, which I thought were cute too - I'm debating whether to try one out and buy one to see how I like them, I like the idea of a transparent bag (although I do put a lot of rubbish in my bag sometimes!) - although I'm still debating what they would go well with in my wardrobe!

Clutches found at Designer Desirables

What do you think of these clutch bags - something you would use to jazz up an outfit, or is it too plasticky for your liking? I can imagine these being used at a mehndi or girly party - for example I have an image of the bridesmaids accessorising brightly coloured outfits with one of each colour of these clutches. I can also imagine this with paired with a funky sari or some pretty prints, for a 'fusion' look too - would you buy one of these?


  1. Awesome looking bags. Love the colors.

  2. lovely! the clear version would go with everything. :)