Sunday, 26 January 2014

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Zahra Ahmad Print Dress

I thought I'd post the first Outfit of the Day for this year - starting with comfort as well as style. This is a very comfortable outfit from label Zahra Ahmad, who are more known for their reasonable prices and easy-to-wear designs. When I first saw this outfit, I loved the eclectic, bohemian style of the colours, prints and embroidery and it fitted perfectly (although my mum was less keen and said it looks like it's been pieced together from parts of other outfits!)

This is the outfit I wore, a long maxi kameez which was a dress shape, with lots of black accessories. I wore this with with a deep red scarf to pick out the detail and the maroon embroidery, although didn't think there was much else needed because of all the patterns on the dress.

I kept the accessories quite simple, with this sparkly black cuff and a simple ring (which I took off half-way through the evening because it felt too chunky!). I paired this with sparkly ballet pumps and a relatively light lacey clutch, which felt quite ideal.

This is me wearing the outfit, although this is the only picture I have and it really doesn't reflect how flattering the shape was. The dress itself is very fitted and really emphasises my waist (which you can't see in the picture!) and has lots of pleats which gave a lot of 'swish' and made it feel slightly heavier (in a satisfying way).

Outfit - Zahra Ahmad
Clutch - New Look
Shoes - Barratt
Cuff Bracelet - Queens Market, Green Street
Ring - no idea, it was a gift from one of my sisters!

Zahra Ahmad is known for their comfort as well as style, I'd definitely call this a high street brand (and there is a local store near me which sells their pieces) and I see this as one of the more accessible labels out there. Although some of these outfits look less glamorous than others, I loved this one because of how playful and colourful it is, and it still has a feminine look to it because of the flowery and paisley prints. The outfit is also made of quite a thick cotton which felt very comfortable on and added a swish to it.

I can imagine this would feel really nice on in the summer time, especially because of the flowt shape and bell-shape sleeves. I always keep an eye out for their designs in the local stores because the brand is so easy to wear and perfect for a lot of occasions,not to mention very affordable.

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  1. Salam sis, Where can I find Zahra Ahmad dresses in London?