Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Khaadi comes to London...!

I'm a bit late in posting about this, as I've heard about Pakistani label Khaadi coming to Westfield Stratford and Westfield Shepherds Bush in London weeks ago. I finally got a chance to visit yesterday though, when I popped into Westfield Stratford for a quick browse.

Here's a look at the store (which was surprisingly quite big) and the pretty kurtas being stocked inside. Some of the clothes were slightly colourful for my taste, but I did like some the simple kurtas and printed long kameezes which looked pretty and summery.

The store itself is pretty easy to browse, the sizes are in the standard UK 8-16 sizes and there is enough variety in colours, shapes and style to appeal to a broad group of potential customers. I also love the fact that everything in the store is categorised by colour, which looks very pretty too!

I can imagine this store being quite popular as the weather gets warmer later on in the year, and it's certainly in with the trends in terms of long kameezes that can be worn with leggings or jeans.
I loved the black and white print kurta (above, left) with the pink hem and cuffs, which I though looked quite chic and pretty - I don't often wear kurtas much but I can see the appeal here. I also really liked the fact that there are canvas bags with funky prints on them, which would be great as book bags or beach bags too.

What do you think of this label - will you be visiting Khaadi anytime soon?

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  1. We have bough 7 dresses last Saturday from sale. Within 15 min i had to return to Khaadi due to not seen the discount price on the receipt. I felt something is wrong. We found out later that I have been charged £53 twice. I have bought only one item for £53. During my lunch break from office i went to the shop for refund.The staff were extremely rude and accused me of taking 2 items for £53. The Manager asked to come back next day with the item. I went 2nd day again fro refund and the manager went to check stock inventory. After all the hassle for 2 days, finally manager admitted the fault and refund the money. As consumer you should know your rights and be ready to fight your purchase because of staff incompetency. Incompetent staff cause me lot of trouble. If you prepare to go through this amount of trouble then be our guest and shop with Khaadi. Good Luck. BravoTwoZero