Saturday, 11 May 2013

KAPRAY SHAPRAY: Ali Xeeshan's White Collection

I've been keeping an eye on the PDFC Sunsilk Fashion Week which has showcasing some beautiful designs recently (although there are too many designers to keep up with!). One collection which caught my eye was by Pakistani designer Ali Xeeshan, since all of his dresses were made from a pure white. I liked the style of his dresses (not to mention this long umbrella on the catwalk!)

I think white is a difficult colour to pull off, particularly if it's only white and  not combined with any other colours, but I think Ali Xeeshan did a good job with these pieces. Perhaps because of the lacey feel of the outfits, which adds a delicate look to the outfit, as well as the sheer, fitted arms, that the outfit looks feminine and quite pretty, and the collection looks quite good together.

But, I do also think that this is more of a young woman's outfit, and that although it looks very elegant and sophisticated, it's not something which I can imagine on everyone, and it may not appeal to everyone either.

What do you think of this?

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