Thursday, 23 May 2013

HIGH STREET DESIGNS: A Yellow and Pink Mehndi outfit

I saw this recently and thought it made a pretty alternative to a mehndi outfit, or even a wedding dress. I'm less keen on the fish-tail shape  of the lengha, because I prefer skirts to be a bit more flowy and less structured, but I love do the design on the kameez/top part.

I can really imagine this being a pretty mehndi outfit, particularly for a bride who wants something bright and colourful. I'm really liking flowery embroidery on kameezes at the moment, and have been keeping an eye out for outfits with pretty flower designs - so it's nice to see it on this outfit as I think it gives a nice pretty, feminine look.

What do you think of this - do you like the colour combination?

Outfit is from RDC London

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