Friday, 1 March 2013

FOLLOWING TRENDS...Embroidered Leggings

I've seen these in a few places lately, leggings with embroidery on them to jazz up an outfit. The trend at the moment in Pakistan (and among some women here in London) is to wear long kameezes (kurta-style) with long slits on the sides, with fitted leggings or churidars under them, for a casual, every day look - it certainly is quite a trendy and flattering look.

I don't have any leggings myself, but these ones definitely appeal to me, the small amount of embroidery at the bottom would look great peeping out from a long dress or kameez.

While these might not appeal to everyone's tastes (not everyone might want to wear the kurta and leggings look), I think this is a nice way to pretti-fy the leggings, and it does add a really nice splash of colour.

What do you think - something you would consider wearing?

 Images taken from Anarkali Bazaar FB Group

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  1. Not too crazy about these, especially with all of the clashing prints.