Thursday, 21 March 2013

HIGH STREET DESIGNS: Pink & Purple Long Anarkali by RDC London

Here's another design by the popular RDC London, which I quite like because of how well the pinky-puple shade goes with the deeper, velvet in purple. While there isn't anything drastically different about this design, I think it's very pretty, and more importantly, it works - it's wearable, it's colourful and it's easy to imagine wearing for a mehndi, wedding, Eid, Diwali or anything similar.

I'm not keen on the diamante for the neckline, as I prefer the gold dabka and beading, so the diamante looks slightly out of place, but it makes the outfit more sparkly, and I've seen a lot of outfits which manage to combine silver with gold quite well.

All in all, a very pretty outfit which I would love to have hanging in my wardrobe!

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