Saturday, 16 March 2013

On the Catwalk, On a Celebrity: Jacqueline Fernandez in Sabyasachi

Bollywood actress and model Jacqueline Fernandez wore a Sabyasachi sari to a Teacher's Achievement Awards ceremony, last week, which was quite a glamorous outfit (and the colour combination of beige, red and blacks was a bit different too).

On the Catwalk
This is the sari on the catwalk (with the model wearing geeky glasses), with a lacey red blouse and heavily embroidered sleeves. It's very similar to this green Sabyasachi maxi dress, which is no surprise as it was from the same collection in 2012, and has a similar feel to it of Spanish influence and Indian elegance.

On the Celeb
And here is the sari on Jacqueline, which I think looked great in some ways, along with her deep red lipstick. I think she went for a more traditional look than a 'fusion' look with this sari, as it looked less exotic on her than it did on the original model, although this may be because of the hair, make-up and accessories (and glasses!) as well. I also thought the back of this sari was pretty, because there isn't a lot of red on the rest of the sari, it also stands out more.

While I do like the sari, and the designer, I think this wouldn't be a sari I would go for, as the beige colour isn't as flattering as it could be, and the embellished neckline looks slightly out of place with the rest of the sari. All in all, though, a signature Sabyasachi sari!

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