Saturday, 12 May 2012

IN MY WARDROBE: Lilac & White Anarkali from Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Here's one outfit my mum brought back from Pakistan recently after her (long!) stay there, along with a few other outfits for all the girls in the family. This is a dress from a shop called 'BGNJ Silk Centre' in Rawalpindi, Pakistan which designs a lot of clothes for the Star Plus channels and shows. It's a lilac and off white net anarkali dress with embroidery work and a pretty satin hem in different coloured pattis (strips of material at the hem). This is the dress as modelled by actress Zarine Khan:

And this is the dress itself which I got, which is the same as the picture, which my mum got in my measurements. I like how feminine the colours look together, and the fact that it's not too heavy so it would be suitable to wear for a lot of occaisons. I'm not a big fan on clothes made out of net but I like it on this dress because it gives more shape and works with the colours used and the light embroidery work.

The dress is still a bit big for me so I need to get it altered to fit me better, but it flows quite nicely, and although it isn't as long as the dresses are in fashion right now, this is more of a classic look which would suit a lot of occasions. My mum got me straight, wide trousers as well as a churidar with this outfit as she wasn't sure what I would prefer, and I think both look fine with this outfit because it's not a dressy one and it's ideal for a semi-formal or even light causal look. I'm sure I can find a reason to wear this in the next month or so!

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