Tuesday, 15 May 2012

DESIGNER MODE: Allechant by Sehar Khosa

I've recently fallen in love with the long, flowy and beautiful designs of Allechant, based in Pakistan, by designer Sehar Khosa. I love the beautifully made dresses, a lot of these are maxi dresses which have a very pretty cut to them, rather than a lot of designs which I've seen lately that don't really have that 'swish' to them as they don't use enough material.

This is a recent example of their heavier work at a mehndi, which I absolutely adore, I love the pretty colours which are embellished so richly. I'm waiting back on an email to the designer asking for a picture of the full outfit, so fingers crossed they'll send it (although they may not due to their own image protection policies.)

Image taken from Allechant Facebook group

There's a lot of maxi dresses by this designer, which look beautiful on and which I'd definitely recommend you to have a look at, simply because they look so elegant and well-made. They're not tremendously cheap, but the price range I'm seeing seems to start from around £200  for an average maxi dress (although the price goes up, the heavier it is, and is most likely to cost more such as the outfit above), which are still quite a reasonable prices compared to a few other designers.

I also love the fact that a lot of these outfits can be made hijab-friendly without taking the look of the outfit away, or even just made modest. I have a lot of friends (and my sisters!) who always are on the lookout for designs which they feel comfortable in, yet also glamorous, and this for me definitely fits the bill.

The group isn't just restricted to their designs either, there's snippets about celebrities, style tips and fashion ideas as well which I find makes the group interesting as it shows that the designer is trying to keep up with trends and what is popular.

What do you think of this designer's clothes? Would it be something you would consider buying?

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