Tuesday, 8 May 2012

GLAMOROUS ACCESSORIES: A Present from Pakistan...A Big Kundan Ring

My mum just came back recently from Pakistan and brought a small haul with her for all the girls in the family, including wedding outfits for my sister's wedding (which I'm not allowed to show you them all just yet...but soon, don't worry!)
One of the things my mum brought back was a big, pretty kundan ring in gold metal and pretty pink and white stones, and was in a lovely, curved shape. It's not too heavy and looks pretty graceful, although the shape was unexpected, as I've always seen round-shaped ones.

The ring will go perfectly with my kundan earrings and bracelet which I got a few months ago, and which I'm intending to wear for my sister's upcoming mehndi event, although I'm sure I'll find a reason to wear it before then!

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  1. Love kundan rings, they are SO cool! :D