Monday, 11 July 2011

GLAMOROUS ACCESSORIES: Patiala House's Jewellery Sets

I loved the jewellery sets worn in this film, what the outfits have in simplicity are compensated for in the rich designs and styles of the accessories Patiala House. The main sets which stood out were the ones that bride wears in the film: below are just a few examples, such as the heavy piece in the first picture with accompanying earrings, the slightly more Mughal style in the next picture, the pearl-and-stones set that is third and in the fourth, a stone-embedded set. And of course there is the traditional nath-tikka-bali set in the last picture. I love how each set is matched meticulously to the outfit, and gives a suitable glam factor.

Another accessory which stood out for me was this feathery hair piece worn by the bride, which I thought was a really nice way to pin your hair up, or for when wearing it in a plait style.

There were also some lovely earrings which look really glamorous, again these complimented the style of the outfit, and emphasised the simplicity of make up. My favourite is the first one shown in the examples below:

Even good ole Dimple Kapadia playing the hero's mother had some accessory style, such as this set below, which was a nice splash of colour against her gold outfit.

All images owned byT-Series, Hari Om Entertainment and respective directors/producers

Some lovely pieces are shown throughout the film, and the above are just a few of the many small details which make the look of Patiala House so pretty. Although some of them don't stand out extravagantly, they show how jewellery pieces can complete an outfit, and adds some cultural inspiration to the look.

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