Monday, 25 July 2011

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Sonam Kapoor's Elegance in Thank You

Bollywood movie Thank You, featuring a range of well-known actors, follows the usual stupid storyline of husbands who cheat on their wives and give the most bizarre, unrealistic excuses which, incredibly, their wives seem to believe. And of course the usual slapstick palaver that follows. Suffice to say that I was not a fan of the movie. What I will talk about is Sonam Kapoor and how elegant she looked in the movie. I think I am not alone in saying that Sonam Kapoor is creating her own niche in modern dress sense and her own soft style of elegance to suit her personality. First up I'd like to note her hairstyles in the film, beautifully simple and yet effective, be it a twist of a bun, or loose curls:

'Eek, I'm naked'! Ok she's not, but the way some films these days are going...

Not to mention her lovely make up to go with her carefully picked outfits...

....And her fabulous jewellery, be it traditional or contemporary...

...And of course, with every film there is a bridal moment, and Sonam Kapoor's character is no exception (despite the fact she is already married throughout the film - the costume designers just need an excuse to have a wedding scene don't they, otherwise it's just not a proper Bollywood film). Here we have Sonam in a red number, but what really stands out is her natural make up and the detail in her jewellery and her effortless hairstyle:

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I think that Sonam Kapoor in general had a good look in this film, she didn't have a overloaded, try-too-hard look and her natural beauty shines through. Coupled with her lovely trademark hairstyles and and very natural make up, although the movie itself was not a success, I certainly think Sonam managed to leave her mark.

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