Monday, 11 July 2011

FILMI DECOR: Marigold Galore in Patiala House

The wedding decor stood out for me in Patiala House, mainly because of the vivacity of colour and the co-ordination of the decor according to the scene. The mehndi scenes, for example, were filled with orange and green, and really capitalised on the use of marigold garlands, fairy lights and lanterns, which was a lovely combination. I also liked how the small details such as table and chair coverings, cushions and even the food and drink themselves all fit into this to complete the look, which looked pretty good combined with the outfits of the film.

Similarly, there is a theme of lights in this scene, in which fairy lights, lanterns and lamps are used to create the setting and accompany the family mood here. I also thought the backdrop of the Taj Mahal was a nice idea (although a little cheesy!):

Lastly, I liked the wedding day set up, which similar to the marigolds, make use of jasmine-style flowers and separated the colours in white and red, I'm assuming to compliment the bride's outfit.

All images owned byT-Series, Hari Om Entertainment and respective directors/producers

 I liked the first decor the most, mainly due to the look created by the marigold garlands and the lovely hanging lanterns. Which do you like the most?

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