Monday, 11 July 2011

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Patiala House's Punjabi Colourful Rang

Recent release Patiala House shows the pressures and lives of a Punjabi family living in Southall, London, and their battles against racism, family expectances and social acceptance. With cricket obviously. What I liked about this film was how it didn't try to dress every female character in heavy bridal-style dresses, but rather tried to keep it with the tone of how an actual ordinary Punjabi family living in London may dress. Also, although the lead was the lovely Anushka Sharma, the focus was not just on her, but also the other female characters and their roles in the family. The outfits in this film was relatively simple and understated, and the general feel here was a family-orientated atmosphere.

(I did also think that rapper Hard Kaur was almost unrecognisable in a traditional outfit, although she did look pretty good and it suited her quite well):

And of course Anushka herself was looking glamorous when she did dress up - I especially liked the shimmering gold sequined blouse with her sari in the middle here:

And of course as with most Bollywood films, there is a bride, and in this film it's the hero's sister, who is dressed in a traditional red suit with a green border, accessorised with very simple make-up, traditional jewellery and even plain shoes.

I also like the groom's corresponding outfit, which looked quite in-line with the traditional 'Raj' look that is in fashion at the moment, complete with pearl strings:

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All in all a very colourful mix to the outfits, mainly salwar kameez outfits with a simple look, with the emphasis being traditional and family friendly. Perhaps not something we may rush to copy but still a more realistic look of clothes and style. With cricket added of course.

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