Sunday, 11 December 2016

Pakistan Fashion Week 10 London 2016 (PFW10)

I didn't get to attend Pakistan Fashion Week in London this year, but but I did follow the event online and loved some of the outfits - there was a wide range of colours and styles, not to mention beautiful fabrics (loving the velvet I saw!)

I won't post all of the pictures of all the designers, but here's a few I liked below - you can see more pictures from the catwalk here and here.

Agha Noor - I loved the red and off-white colour co-ordination of this collection and the pretty baroque-style prints with the red velvets.

Aisha Imran - These were a lot of colourful, traditional bridals which I thought were lovely - some of the colour accents of these were really pretty.

Ayesha Aejaz - I liked some of these (the first outfit was a pretty mint that I liked) but I didn't love all of them - some of the pieces felt a little bulky or mismatched.

Bombay Wala - these were very colourful, ideal for summer, especially some of the casual pieces. I can definitely imagine wearing the last two pieces!

Braathii by Huma Nassr - Another designer which had random outfits I wasn't sure about - some felt a bit mis-matched, and even a little dated. I did like the skirt at the end which reminded me of this outfit.

Deepak Perwani - I like this designer's outfits, and wasn't disappointed by this fresh, feminine collection, which I thought was done pretty tastefully.

Fashion Factory by Amna Farhan - a black and gold collection which was a nice mix of Western and Eastern fusion - I can see some of these being worn for a night out or a Christmas party.

Hamna Amir - this was a view of  the designer's jewellery collection, some of which were very pretty with a mix of beading and pearls. I loved the combination of chokers with long necklaces too.

Komal Nasir - this designer showcased her collection of shawls, which looks beautiful - my favourite is the rich blue one below.

Maheen Khan - this designer had a very funky mix of outfits, with rich fabrics and layered dresses and kimonos. Not sure about a lot of these, mostly because I can't see them on a wedding or party scene, but the use of different fabrics was definitely an eyecatching one.

Moazzam Abbasi - I liked some of these, semi-formal outfits which looked easy to wear, and weren' too fussy. Again I can see these in a Western or Eastern setting, which will look great either way (I can certainly seeing myself wearing the first outfit on holiday!)

Nainiqa Farah London - Another gold and black collection, but I quite liked this one - the rich brocade and velvet made the gowns look eleborate yet beautiful.

Nickishey by Moonam Amir - this was a cape collection galore, but I liked how the designer explored different colours, styles and materials (can you see that fur collar on the black cape?)

NIKH by Iram Noman - a more classical looking bridal collection I can see some of these being worn for weddings and receptions.

Noman & Bhaiya - this very colourful collection would look for mehndis (I'm sure I have already seen some of these being worn) and are very playful and girly.

Pehnavni by Nazis Kidwai - I really liked some of these lenghas, they're colourful with a lot of spring-pink-and-mint tones which look lovely. I also liked the layering, such as the jacket below on top of the shirt and lengha skirt.

Rana Noman - Another collection which I thought was lovely, I liked some of the details on these outfits, which balance out the rich fabrics used as the underskirts.

Rizwan Ahmed - this was a lovely pastel and nude collection, which I can imagine a lot of brides-to-be would love. I also liked how the designer played with the hem-length of the tops, which a mix of cut-out details and split-front dresses.

Sadaf Amir - For some reason this collection didn't stand out much to me, perhaps because it looked too similar to a lot of the high-stree stuff I've seen, and also because the colours didn't necessarily appeal to me. I did like the blue and mustard outfit though, which was pretty stylish.

Sahar Atif - This was an interesting collection, with a mix of lengha-cholis, shararas, capes and jackets, which were quite pretty. I can imagine some of these being worn to a lot of weddings this winter, especially the formals.

Sanori - I loved the floral details on these outfits, and the mix of pastels with dusky shades, wich gave a pretty but almost vintage look to some of these.

Shamaeel Ansari - This was a gorgeous Mughal-style collection with a big mix of rich fabrics and prints, which looked lovely. I'm not sure these are to everyone's tastes but I thought some of the jacket pieces looked very stylish.

Zeshan Bariwala - This was a bridal collection which mixed pastels and nudes alongside richer colours. I wasn't a fan of the red bridals but thought the lighter pastels and nude outfits were really pretty.

Event Produced by: Riwayat Ltd @riwayatuk
Choreography: Hajira Ahmad @ EBH @eventsbyhajira
Official Photography: Shahid Malik @iamshahidmalik
Head Stylist: Nabila @nabila_salon
Hair and Make-up supported by Saima Kiran @saimakiran
PR by Enigme Internationale @enigme_internationale

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