Sunday, 6 March 2016

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: The Vintage Velvet Blue Outfit

Lately I feel like I have needed to update my (Pakistani) wardrobe a little in the last few months, mainly because I haven't bought any outfits since last year (I know!) and since trends are changing, some of my older outfits feel a little dated.

Luckily, fashion is quite cyclical - what was in fashion a decade or two ago is bound to look good again now!

I was recently asked by a friend of the family to take pictures for their wedding, which I was delighted to do because I knew it would be a fun affair. I didn't have time to look for an outfit because it was short-notice, especially because I prefer to order my outfits online, and I didn't want to pay too much for a new one either. I decided to pull out a few out a few of my older outfits which I have kept over the years (yes, I still have a few sitting at the bottom of my wardrobe packed away!) I have a few outfits from the last 10-15 years (such as one or two from my eldest sister's wedding over 15 years ago!) which have lasted pretty well, so I knew I'd be able to find something different,

This is a velvet kameez from from Pakistan which actually was from about ten years ago, which wasn't originally bought for me but which I ended up taking with me when I got married! I love the rich blue and the beautiful gold-work (which you can tell is a little old-fashioned because of the metal work is a different quality of metal, not to mention the heart-shaped design and the diamontes!).

It actually came with salwar pants and a gold-beaded dupatta, but I opted for straight, wide pants and a velvet-trimmed dupatta from this Threads & Motif outfit which went really well with the kameez. It was a little loose on me, which you might be able to see from the width of the kameez above, so I got it taken in a tiny bit so that it would fit better.

Weirdly enough, it reminded me of this design below by The Saree Boutique which has a similar gold motif all over the velvet going on, although the cut of the dress is quite different. It's quite a coincident as the red one below looks a little more trendy, but I do like the fact that my outfit looks quite wearable by today's standards!
What do you think, does it look similar?

This is what I accessorised the outfit with, I mainly stuck to blue and gold because you just can't go wrong with gold accessories and they look great against the velvet. I also loved how regal it made the outfit look (especially my blue clutch from my wedding!)

This is me wearing the outfit to the wedding which was a couple of weeks ago, you can see it's still slightly loose on me but I liked the look and the fact that it hung pretty well on me, especially because the work was pretty heavy. I was pretty glad I took the kameez in because it would have looked too loose, but I didn't want it too fitted either so I was happy with the final look of this.
I also didn't end up wearing the jhoomar with my scarf, mainly because I didn't want it to get in the way when I took pictures!

Outfit - Pakistan
Shoes - Faith shoes
Clutch - Lovetobag
Bangles - Shop Bees
Ring/Jhoomar - Pakistan

I loved wearing this outfit because of how comfortable it was on the day, not to mention a perfect winter outfit because of how warm it felt! It's also inspired me to look through the rest of my 'vintage' and older outfits and see how I can re-wear them.

A friend of mine suggested that I could alter the outfit again by cutting it down the middle to make it into a jacket and pulling the sides in more to make it more fitted, which I could wear with plain or jawamar trousers and a inner kameez, which I loved the idea of. I'm still debating whether to do this or not, mainly because I don't want to ruin the outfit, but I'll post pictures if I do!

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