Monday, 14 March 2016

DESIGNER MODE: Aysha's Atelier

I've been following an up-and-coming designer for the last year or so, Aysha's Atelier, which I'm becoming a huge fan of as I see more of her dresses and the beautiful work used on the outfits.

I contacted Aysha's Atelier recently to speak to Aysha and find out more about her work, and also find out about placing an order for a formal, especially as she had designs which I really liked. I really like the brand's approach to creating bespoke clothes and the level of commitment given to the outfits, which Aysha sent me some information about after a discussion about her designs:

"We aim to create bespoke pieces of formal and bridal attire and are passionate about attention to detail. We are lucky enough to be working with talented craftsmen to give each outfit it's own unique look, right down to the style and materials used for embellishment."


I've been looking through the formals that are in Aysha's collections, and love the variety of embroidery and materials used, from cut-work, pearls, french-knots and various metal-work to create gorgeous patterns. The material used is also well-chosen - one of the biggest problems I have with online vendors is that they use either cheap fabrics or have terrible finishing, which can really ruin an outfit. In this case I can see that the material used is a higher quality, and Aysha's knowledge of fabrics and embellishment really shows in her designs.

These two designs are my fvourites from the formal collection, they both are classic designs and you can see that the embroidery is not machine-worked which gives the detail more of a intricate look to it.

"Our "Flowering Quince" and "Crimson and Gold" formal dresses [below] are hand-worked with a significant amount of single resham thread-work to create the delicate flowers."


Aysha's Atelier also has a range of custom-made bridals, which are usually designed with the bride, with progress reports every step of the way - again, Aysha makes sure she is very thorough with each decision made.

I love this engagement outfit which was made by Aysha when she was first starting out, and which was an early design a few years ago before she began branching out into more designs. The outfits has a gorgeous colour combination of soft colours, as well as the delicate work is something is isn't always easy to find without having to spend a lot of money.

I also loved this bridal which was made more recently - it was a maxi dress with work all over the dress and the dupatta for a beautifully regal effect. Again, I've seen a few designs like this on the high street but the quality of the work doesn't match this, which is a lot more intricate and well-finished. You can see a lot of thought goes into each piece to make sure the outfit blends well with the work and the colours.

"For our "Blue Winter Rose" bridal, our bride wanted to move away from the typical silver and crystal work often used on similar coloured fabrics and desired a greater use of pearl and white work. She also loved the Swarovski shade "Black Diamond" and we therefore incorporated this shade within the work."

You can contact Aysha directly via Instagram or email Aysha's team directly on

Formals start around £300 upwards, bridals are from £1500 and upwards and she also does a range of simpler kurtas, kimonos and gowns which you can work with for a lower budget.

I'll be making an order from this designer very soon, and will be sure to post the results - I have already had several talks with Aysha about what I like and she has given me a lot of ideas for outfits. It's not often I find a designer which I find quite reliable, and better yet, Aysha is based in the UK so there's no worry about miscommunication or any missed messages!


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