Saturday, 3 October 2015

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: The Royal Blue RDC Maxi Dress

This is an outfit I wore for a valima/reception last month, which was a pretty bright royal blue maxi dress from local store RDC London, which I bought a few months ago. As much as I love my Pakistani fashion and I pretty much immerse myself in it, every now and then I want something a little Westernised or fusion-y, which still remains modest, and dresses like this are pretty ideal.

I don't usually go for net dresses like this one but in this case, it added a lot of shape of the skirt of the dress so that it balanced out the bling on the bodice. I also kept this simple by matching lots of gold and blue accessories, as you can see below!

This is the outfit on me, which I thought looked really flattering (my sister and I sneaked off during the dinner to go to the private garden next to the hall and take pictures!). I loved how feminine this outfit felt one, and how easy it was to wear. I also thought the shade of blue was really nice for a daytime event without being too bright, and looked pretty striking.

Outfit - RDC London
Heels - Carvela
Clutch bag - Lovetobag
Ring - Touch (Green Street jewellery store)
Bangles - Bees

I loved the fit of this outfit, and thought it was a pretty good buy (especially as I picked this up on sale!). I do love my maxi dresses and as much as I don't shop in the local high street as much as I used to, it is handy to find outfits that are a little different from the usual in my wardrobe.

I also think that blue and gold are just a classic colour combination which you can't go wrong with, which is great for me because it's easy to find plenty accessories to match!

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