Monday, 28 September 2015

Eid-ul-Adha 2015...

This year's Eid celebration was a little low-key for us, we didn't invite too many people to my mum's house this year as she wanted to keep it intimate, which meant a relaxed and hassle-free atmosphere for us.

Of course, this didn't mean we wouldn't still dress up! I was on a seriously low budget for Eid outfits so ended up with this lovely peach outfit below - believe it or not it was unstitched material from a local shop that I managed to get tailored in time for Eid! Paired with nude heels this was a really comfy look which was pretty in-line with current Pakistani fashion trends.

This is how the outfit looked on me, it did feel a lot lighter after the last few years of maxi dresses and long hemlines, but it was very comfy and felt very chic. I also loved the colour - there were other pastel colours available in this fabric (pale blue, spring green and lilac) but I'm a sucker for nude pink and it's easy to wear a matching hijab with this shade.

And of course no Eid post is complete without a view of the shoes!

My sisters all bought locally this year as well, and they found some beautiful outfits in the shops. I've often found that a lot of the local stores have raised their prices over the last few years which I didn't think was always affordable - but surprisingly this Eid and last Eid we found some very reasonable prices and some lovely outfits. I love the range of colours between of of us sisters (and sister-in-law!) this Eid, we went for chic and comfort and loved what we found.

I completely forgot to take pictures of the food because we were all too busy eating it, but here's a (grainy!) shot of my niece's mehndi, which I thought was lovely.

We had a lovely Eid which carried over to the weekend (naturally) which we spent time with extended family (more on this later!), with good food and lots of posing. It was also lovely because it reminded me of my first Eid last year and how much things have changed since then in a good way - hubster and I have settled in a lot more and we're all a little happier, wiser and sillier!

How was your Eid celebrations? What did you wear?

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