Monday, 19 October 2015

LOVELY HIJAB: The Sugar Scarf Fashion Show by Ilham Echenta

I recently attended a fashion show in East London, showcasing designs of scarf company Sugar Scarf by reknowned Malaysian deisgner Ilham Echenta, which I had seen promotions for so was quite interested to see. Happily enough, the fashion show was quite local for me, and it was nice to see so many other bloggers, vloggers and women interested in modesty-wear at this show.

We started off with appetisers and drinks before the show started, as well as being given some lovely little bracelet tags with the 'Sugarscarf' logo on it, as well as goody bags when being seated!

The hijab styling themselves were quite simple and focussed on the colours and embellishment of the scarves - most of the models wore black to accentuate the scarves. I loved some of the simple, well-tailored abayahs and maxi dresses some of the models wore, although I don't think all of the outfits worked - but they did work on making the hijabs stand out. There was also a good range of colours and styles to appeal to most hijab-wearers.

Among my favourites were the pastel-coloured scarves, softer designers with pretty flower and lace pieces one sections, which I thought were a really nice touch.

There were also darker shades with embellishment which I thought looked really lovely - perfect for a night out or for dressing up an outfit with a little bling.

There were also a lot of turban-style hijabs, varying in styles, embellished with beading, necklaces and wrapped in different ways. Even though I don't wear a turban hijab myself, this is certainly becoming a big trend in fashion so it was interesting to see this reflected.

There were also very heavily embellished scarves - I thought these were great as it's not often you find dressy scarves which you can wear for weddings, Eids or other special occasions. I also like the fact that they can be draped in different ways to show off the sparkle - makes a change from hijab-jewellery or hijab pins!

Overall, I think this show was pretty interesting and showcased a good range of colours and styles - in today's fashion circles the hijab is certainly becoming a big thing so it's nice to see this up-close.

The CEO of Ilham Echenta and the CEO of SugarScarf were also both present at the show, which was also lovely as it gave us an opportunity to meet them and speak to them.

We also got a generous goody bag to take home, with a beautiful cherry red liquid lip cream (I've worn it twice already!) and a beautiful satin black scarf from the collection. I thought this was pretty generous and a great way to promote the Sugarscarf brand - I'll certainly be styling my Sugarscarf and posting very soon!

As a hijabi blogger, I'm always looking out for new hijab and scarf brands, and different ways to incorporate modesty-wear into my day-to-day fashion as well as with my Asian outfits. I loved the different ideas from this show, and the fact that you don't always have to rely on jewellery bling if you want a simpler look, or even if you just want a different style. I'll be keeping an eye out from more from this brand, and I'd love to try out some of these styles (although they won't all suit me!), and it's nice to see hijab being shown in a more fashionable way.

What did you think of these? Would you wear any of them?

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