Saturday, 5 April 2014

KAPRAY SHAPRAY: Beautiful Creams, Golds and Blues by Muse

I've been looking at more simpler designs more and more, lately. Here's one reason why - these beautiful dresses and kurta shirts below by the wonderful Muse. I'm a big fan of off-white and light blue (what my mum calls ferozi) together, because it's such a lovely colour combination. 

The designs below have added some light-gold work as well, and I think it works well because it gives a pretty, fresh look which feels very in, without trying too hard. It's definitely inspired me for some looks in the summer-time, I've been looking for pretty designs like these which are all about a simple cut and pretty colours.

My favourite out of all of these is the first one, I can really imagine it being an idea outfit in the summer which needs no added glamour or embellishment, just throw on some pretty heels or sandals and you're done :)

All images from Muse Facebook group

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