Thursday, 24 April 2014

GLAMOROUS ACCESSORIES: Zara's Pretty Necklaces

I feel like I haven't really paid attention to necklaces in the last few years, particularly as I started wearing a scarf and stopped wearing things which would be hidden under the scarf folds. I've started to notice necklaces more these days, because there's so many beautiful designs out there, some of which can easily be mixed with Western and Asian wear.

I've noticed that Zara has been following the trend of beautiful statement piece necklaces which have surged into fashion, such as the collar-style necklaces and huge flower necklaces, which can dress up an outfit easily without looking too OTT.

There's two particular necklaces which have caught my eye, both of which I have been tracking down via Amazon, eBay and Faecbook (since the Zara website has long sold out!), both which I think look lovely.

The first necklace is this round, layered crystal one with white stones - made very popular when Kate Middleton wore it last December time. I love the chic-ness of this necklace, it's a pretty good price for something that cost just over £20.00, and it reminds me of kundan-style stones. I've got my eye on this one because it's so easy to wear and can really dress up an outfit - I can imagine it worn with a beautiful silk sari or a plain anarkali.

The second necklace I'm really liking isthis rainbow-flower necklace that Zara has, which is colourful, sparkly and funky. It seems to be a copy of a few colourful necklaces I've seen floating around, not least the Shourouk Apolonia Rainbow Necklace which is a pricier but beautiful necklace. The Zara version of this is very, very similar and also a lot more affordable (again out of stock but easy to find elsewhere!).

I think it also helped that these necklaces were popularised by TOWIE stars Sam Faiers (who apparently got her version from The Jewel Stack) and Jessica Wright who also wore the same design, It looks great on plain or white tops and has a pretty, girly look to it which means not much dressing up is needed elsewhere. 

I  have my eye on both of these necklaces, and want to buy at least one (although I probably won't get as much wear out of it as I want because of my scarf, so I'm still debating it!) I'll definitely post if I end up buying one of these, especially as I'm dying to know how it will look with my wardrobe.

What do you think of these - would you buy one?


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  2. I love the jewel stack, statement necklaces Ali think are deffo a good buy. Can really lift an outfit

    1. Agreed, have been debating whether to buy, I think I will!