Sunday, 20 April 2014


I'm sure you've seen a surge of kurtas hit the shops, which are more for casual wear, in the last year or two. I haven't really bought any kurtas so far (and the ones I've had in my childhood don't count!) because I don't tend to wear Asian clothes day-to-day as much as I used to, particularly as I work full time which means I mainly wear a lot of smart, Western wear.

I've seen a lot of people wearing various kurtas and long kameezes of all colours, prints, shapes and lengths, either with leggings or with trousers, and I think it makes a nice look for casual wear that can be dressed up as well.

I saw this kurta in Queen's Market, Green Street in a range of colours, which caught my eye because of the pretty coral colour and the shape of the kurta. I wanted to find something for the summer which would be comfortable, light and flattering, and this fit the bill exactly, so I decided to buy it and join the kurta-party. This is the one I bought, it's not amazing quality but the material feels gorgeous, the buttons look pretty, and best of all it only cost £10.

The best thing about this kurta is that it's an A-line dress shape with a lot of material, which is great as I've seen a lot of kurta designs which are not very flattering or which don't use a lot of fabric to keep the costs low. I loved the flow of this kurta, it was long, loose and still draped well, so I definitely think there was value for money. This is me wearing it for the first time with tapered black trousers, I was so pleased with it I kept it on all day and did little twirls around the house too!(excuse the random rubbish at the back, we were clearing the room out!)

It's not often I get a good bargain like this, and I'd definitely recommend you to have a look, especially if you're anywhere near Green Street and you want one of these (two of my sisters and a friend have already asked me to get them one!) The other great thing about this outfit is that it's very hijab-friendly, and doesn't feel too loose or fitted, so it's ideal for a lot of bodyshapes too. Definitely a staple for my wardrobe this summer, I'm sure it'll be very handy for any dholkis or BBQs too!

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