Wednesday, 12 March 2014

FEROZA POST: The New Kundan Bangles

We've been a bit quiet on the Feroza front, but we've been keeping busy sourcing new products, researching new collections and creating our campaigns to bring to you all! We've been looking for more of our popular products and also other beautiful (and unique!) things to add to the shop.

One of the things we have added are some kundan stone bangles, which are one of our most popular products. We love this set of bangles which we acquired recently, set with clear stones and feroza-coloured ones - naturally it's something which caught our eyes!

We've also recently added these beautiful bangle cuffs, which would make a beautiful accessory for almost any outfit (both Western or Desi!) - the clear stones look wonderfully sparkly and make lovely arm candy! These are being sold individually but can be worn as a single bangle or as two - have a loose and see how you would wear it!

Be sure to check out the Feroza shop online and let us know what you think of the new additions, we'll be adding more pretty things every day and are constantly looking for more ideas too. Now that summer is coming, it's a great excuse to shop for pretty jewellery and scarves - so please do check it out!


  1. Oh so pretty! Love both of them but I think the feroza ones are prettier. Are they free size??

    1. Hi, yes they're one-size/free, they have a hinge and screw to open so will fit anyone! :)

  2. kundan bangles really look beautiful after wearing. These bangles have very delicate yet pretty design which makes them look more attractive.