Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Our Eid Outfits...!

We had a really nice Eid this year (not to mention some amazing presents!), which was nice after a month of quiet contemplation and planning. We were also all looking forward to Eid as it would be a nice opportunity to spend with all of the family together, and also because it was both of my baby nieces' first and second Eid celebrations!

I decided to go a little bit sparkly this Eid, with a dusky pink outfit, which is a colour I haven't really worn a lot of before. I originally intended to wear a simpler, royal blue outfit, but fell in love with this one instead! Here is my outfit:

And this is me wearing it, although I'm not sure how flattering it looks! I loved the fit of this kameez though, it was long but simply cut, and the work on it was very pretty, with lots of diamantes, sequins and dabka (metal work). I also loved the fact that I didn't need to dress it up much with accessories, so wore simple jewellery and shoes, which felt a lot more comfortable.

And here are some of my sister's outfits, (which were all as different as we are to each other!), although I loved all of their outfits. One of my sisters wore a beautiful navy and grey Threads & Motif outfit with a beautifully embroidered red border (see first pic), while another sister wore a lovely green suit with mukesh work (hammered metal work) all over, bought over from Pakistan, and the last sister wore a pretty off-white anarkali with embroidered roses all over, which I loved because of how feminine it looked. And of course, the baby girls in the family had the best wardrobe out of all of us!

A lot of the girls in the family also had some beautiful mehndi done (I love this first image of my eldest sister getting her mehndi done by my sister-in-law!), which was great because we don't always make the time to put it on!

We also had some lovely sweets and desserts throughout the day (we loved these Eid biscuits made by my sister especially), which we spent the day indulging in, and feeding to our guests. Here's some of them:

So, we had a good Eid, with plenty of yummy food and amazing presents - although I think we're all pretty wiped out from it all now! Next, roll on wedding season!