Wednesday, 14 August 2013

KAPRAY SHAPRAY: Sonaksi for Gintanjali Jewels for IIJW 2013

One of the outfits which really stood out for me out of the various designer pieces on the catwalks was this beautiful navy and indigo maxi dress worn by the lovely Sonaksi Sinha while showcasing jewellery for Gintanjali Group. Although the focus is more on the jewellery, I loved the outfit more, which was a beautiful cut and very hijab friendly! Indigo and navy/midnight blue are very flattering colours and with the flare of this dress, looks really elegant - this is certainly on my wish list for replicas!

I've tried to find out who designed the dress but wasn't able to - any ideas who it's by? Let me know!

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  1. Not sure of the designer, but it looks like the same (or a very similar) dress to the one she wears in the Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobara film poster

    1. Oh you're right! Thanks for the tip, I'll be able to find the designers for the film a lot more easily :)

  2. It looked to me like a Manish Malhotra piece, given the color scheme and the use of varying fabric pieces, and sure enough, when you check online, MM is listed as the costume designer:

    Am I the only one bothered by the fact that the jewelry doesn't remotely match the outfit?

  3. Yes, I noticed that too, the style and colour of the jewellery really doesn't match! Wasn't too keen on that either :(