Monday, 12 August 2013

Chand Raat / Eid Night

We don't normally do anything very extravagant for Eid or on Chand raat (the night before Eid day), but we do still like to enjoy the evening, particularly as there's a nice atmosphere with everyone getting ready by putting on mehndi, buying jewellery and eating nice food.

Here's a few pictures of the street scenes outside, which were busy with lots of families and women buying bangles and jewellery, having mehndi applied and buying clothes.

We got invited to dinner at my aunt's house on Chand raat, so it was a nice start to the celebrations, and a nice excuse to dress up!
This is what I wore in the evening to her house, which was a Chinyere kameez that I kept fairly simple as there was quite a lot of colour on the dress.

Outfit - Chinyere
Shoes - Love Label
Bracelet - Dorothy Perkins
Scarf - bellesfashion

This is me wearing it! I haven't worn anything with this kind of eclectic, funky colour before, and I loved the random chequered hem and collar on the dress, not to mention the colourful insert in the middle.


This the first piece from Chinyere that I've bought, and one I was very happy with because of how well it fitted and how comfortable it was. I'm a big fan of Chinyere and their pieces, which are always colourful and have stylish features somewhere in the design which look elegant.

All in the all, we had a nice start to Eid, the dinner was scrumptious and we had a good laugh with family, not to mention plenty of dessert!

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