Thursday, 13 June 2013

LOVELY HIJAB: The Texas Muslim Women's Foundation 'Fashion for Compassion' Show 2013

I have some friends across the pond in  the USA and Canada who keep me updated (via Whatsapp!) every now and then about fashion shows they've attended, or new things which have come out. One of my friends told me about a hijab-friendly fashion show which was being held in Dallas, Texas, which she knew I would be interested in called Fashion for Compassion.

I loved the imagination, the styling and the colours which went into this show, there were a lot of vivid colours like yellows, hot pinks and black/white combinations, which really looked funky. I also liked how they styled the hijabs in different ways and used various accessories to bling it up, from smart looks to causal and funky, to dressy, going out looks.

Here's a few pictures from the show which were taken from here and here. (I don't have a favourite, but I did think the all-over-sequins outfit was glamorous, and I LOVED the flowered-print abayah/gown with the blue scarf, which was just pretty!)


My friend also sent me pictures of the show as it was happening (a lot of them are blurry so I won't post them all) - this one was my favourite because of how funky it was, and how easy it would be to replicate. I love how everything is put together - I've never been big on polka-dots before but I loved it here.

This was another style which I thought was cute (although less because of the giant sunflower!, I liked the mix of greens and blues, with the printed harem pants. I've seen a lot of printed and colourful trousers in the UK so it's interesting to see a similar trend on this catwalk.

Lastly was this navy blue sequined ensemble, which I actually liked more than the green one because it reminded me of something from an Arab or even Turkish style (particularly with the way the scarf was wrapped on the head). While I would probably not wear something like this, I can appreciate the glam factor of it!

All in all, I loved a lot of the styles in this show, it's always good to see hijab incorporated in fashion where it can be kept modest as well, and it's also interesting to see the fashion trends in places in the US like Texas, which can be compared to the trends we've been following in the UK.

Which outfit was your favourite?

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