Monday, 17 June 2013

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Vidya's in Glamorous Green in 'Ishqiya'

I saw this recently and thought it was pretty, it is meant to be a traditional nikah (although dream sequence) scene in Bollywood film Ishiqiya, which is also different because her character wears saris mostly through the movie, and I though this would be good as inspiration for those brides (or even non-brides!) looking for a more traditional look.

I like this not just because of the rich green outfit, but more because of how well balanced the accessories are, and the fact that Vidya has light, flattering make-up which I thought looked great on her. This also seemed a bit 50s-ish to me, it seemed like a modern take on the sort of things our mums used to wear in their youths, the nose-ring and the embroidered dupatta particularly reminds me of this!

I also thought this was something which reminded me of some of the jewels in high street store Bees' collection (like this or this), which I thought would help in replicating this look - I think it would be perfect for a mehndi night, or even a simple bridal look where the focus would be on accessories with a simpler outfit.
Images taken from Ishiqiya

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