Wednesday, 26 June 2013

DESIGNER MODE: Mehndi Outfits by Waseem Noor

I'm in mehndi mode this week! I saw this outfit recently in a local store, Ruby Plaza, which carried Waseem Noor outfits, which I thought would look wonderful as a mehndi outfit (apologies for the slightly rubbish picture!):

I tried looking up the same outfit for a better picture, and although I didn't find it, I did see the rest of Waseem Noor's colourful collection from 2013, which include party dresses and bridal wear. I love how vibrant and not-heavy a lot of these are, they're beautifully embroidered and look very comfortably and light as well. I also like how the colours have been put together (such as the first one, I wouldn't have thought of putting ice blue, mustard, orange and black together!), and I like the 'layered' look a lot of these have, such as closed jackets on top of anarkalis.

Although the designer could be accused of making his designs a little repetitive here, I think that it shows a good range, and also shows a full palette of colours for different people's tastes. I think these outfits are quite affordable too, they're not greatly cheap, but they're not too expensive either (I've seen prices ranging from $99 to £400), so it's definitely something which I think is well priced.

Personally, I still like the outfit I saw in the window (above) most, the colours are just right and I love the banarsi print mixed with the gold lace work on the hem.

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