Monday, 29 August 2016

Our Fruity Fresh Eid Party!

I'm a bit late with this, but thought I'd post about my sister's annual Eid party which took place last month. As usual, we held it a couple of weeks after Eid to give all the girls in the family, as well as friends, to dress up, great some yummy food and play a few party games.

The theme this year was bright and summery - bright green, yellow and warm oranges and pinks for a fresh, fruity look - all of us said it reminded us of pineapples and watermelons! My sister decorated her house in pretty banners and matching balloons, as well as some 'Eid Mubarak' prints which were framed and put on display - doesn't look look lovely together?

One of my sisters lives further away so wasn't able to make the party, but did manage to come by the night before the party of to drop of these cupcakes which  matched the theme perfectly. On the day we had these on display (and didn't let anyone touch any until we took pictures, obviously!) - they were yummy of course, and were demolished in minutes!

You can see more pictures of the decor here, as well the the recipe for the cupcakes.

We also had more decor around the house, including a table for the kids outside with colourful banners and paper-flowers. I loved the overall colourful effect of this, and the Wonderland-feel of this.

We decided not to go with a sweet bar this time, as the previous parties we have had has usually had too many sweets for the younger children which isn't probably the best idea. This time around my sister decided to have a fruit bar, which mixed up sweet fruit with savoury desserts (with the exception of cupcakes, which were the only 'sweets' on display!) The fruit bar was a hit and was devoured by the guests - the most popular being the chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Having said that, it's not a party without some hot food as well, of course! My sister made the bulk of the food, but the guests all brought a dish each so there was plenty to eat, and a mix of cuisines. I always love seeing the different dishes people bring, especially from different cultures and it was nice to see such a great mix. My favourite dish was one a guest brought - scooped out baked potatoes with a filling of veg and cheese, which tasted amazing!

My sister decided not to go with party bags this time, but went with sweet-cups for the guests when they left, which was a lovely idea and very easy to put together. My mum also packed and brought the basket of mangoes below, which was perfect for the hot weather!

I wanted to show what I wore as well, which was a suit my mum had bought back from Pakistan a couple of months ago. I originally meant to wear this on Eid, but it felt a little too heavy so I thought I'd save it for the party when everyone would be as blinged out as me.

This is the outfit below, which is in a pretty nude and teal colour with gold and silver work. I paired this with rose-gold brocade pants and sandals, which I loved because it gave a girly, on-trend look.

The other girls in the family also wore fab outfits - I didn't get pictures of all of them but here's a few of my sister and my nieces below. My favourite was my brother's daughter (second picture) in a Junaid Jamshed kurta with cars and lorry prints on it!

The party was a lovely one, although it was a little crazy at one point with a lot of guests, food and the heat! 

You can see more pictures on my sisters' blogs here and here, let me know what you thought of the theme!

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