Sunday, 14 August 2016

Lovely Hijab: Amna Hajar Hijabs

I recently came across Amna Hajar hijabs, which are a Malaysian brand selling hijabs in various colours and fabrics, and which I thought were quite pretty. I've met a few fashion and modesty-wear bloggers who have worn this brand, and thought I've give it a try myself, so decided to opt for a lace scarf.

I ordered the scarf via fashion blogger Aneesa (aka Hijabi in London), who is the UK seller for this brand, and also stocks a variety of other Malaysian brands.

The scarf arrived pretty quickly (I ordered a pink lace hijab), and I was pretty pleased to see the beautiful quality of the scarf, which was a really soft cotton material. I was also quite happy to see that it was a decently big size - although most companies do cater for people wanting maxi scarves, you don't always get big scarves which cover your head when wrapped around a few times.

I also particularly liked the fact that the colour of the scarf was quite easy to wear - there are a range of colours but I thought pink would probably go best with my wardrobe!

You can contact Aneesa via the Amna Hajar instagram page or her own account HijabiinLondon, or otherwise purchase directly from the website to buy any scarves. I'll be sure to post pictures of this scarf when I wear it - let me know what you think of this brand!

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