Wednesday, 17 August 2016

An Exclusive Blogger Preview with Modlist

I was lucky enough to get invited to fashion brand and powerhouse Modlist  for a blogger preview a couple of weeks ago in Chelsea, London, and managed to get a first look at some of the labels which are housed under company. Modlist is a new company which has been set up under the existing Haute Elan label (which is another company which sells higher-end fashion brands). The whole aim of Modlist is to bring affordable, elegant and modest fashion under one roof and making them more accessible for consumers – which is definitely relevant for today’s market!

The event took place in Modlist’s new showroom in Chelsea, which was a beautiful boutique which multiple rooms for showcasing the different labels. It was a great opportunity not just to explore new collections from various brands, but also meet the individuals behind Modlist and speak to various other bloggers as well.

There were quite a few brands on display, some labels which I recognised and some which were new – but they all had pretty beautiful, versatile pieces which everyone looked over and tried on. The Modlist brand has quite a few high street brands such as Zara, Asos, Gucci and Uniqlo, but there were also other brand labels which focus on modesty-wear, such as Aab, Roddiva Couture, Aisyah Al Mashoor and Store WF.

I also got a chance to try on a few outfits, here’s me and fellow blogger Aneesa trying on a few kimonos and kaftans!

I loved that there was also a showroom for children’s outfits, which was beautifully done up as well with a toy room. When shopping for modesty-wear, we don’t often think of children’s clothes so it was nice to see this included as well for parents who want to see different brands for their children too.

There was also an opportunity to get free manicures done from Secret Spa, and also enjoy some massages with Urban Massage. I didn’t get a massage but here’s me getting me nails done!

There was also a lovely buffet spread set out by Halal Eat, not to mention some yummy cupcakes from Lola’s Cupcakes to finish off for dessert.

At the end of the evening, CEO Rommana Bint-Abubaker explained a little further about the aim of Modlist as a company, which was not just to bring affordable modest fashion under one roof, but also to empower women through modest fashion – whether you’re a blogger, a businesswoman, a fashionista or you simply want to dress elegantly.

We also left the launch party with two lovely goody bags, you can see the contents below, which included eyelashes, makeup tools and snacks. I especially liked the bag of Oud Bath Crystals which I thought was a great idea!

I had a really incredible time at the Modlist Preview event, and thought it was a great way of showing how modest fashion is really making leaps and bounds in such an entrepreneurial way. As the modest fashion industry has boomed in the last few years, it’s great to see so many diverse labels available in London for shoppers and being made more mainstream, especially as a lot of these brands are mostly only available online.

The Modlist Chelsea showroom is now open by appointment only, although you can also browse their website online and also their Instagram account.

Instagram accounts - @hauteelan


Popchips - @popchips_uk 
The Vintage Cosmetic Company - @thevintagecosco 
Store WF - @storewf
Mi-in Lashes - @miin_lashes 
Samol Herbal - @samolherbal 
Roddiva Couture - @roddivacouture (designer)
Scents Of Paradise - @scentsofparadiseuk
Catering Sponsor:
Halal Eat - @halaleat
Urban Massage - @urbanmassage
Secret Spa - @secretspauk  

Other bloggers also at the event:
Hannah (@thefleurdusiel); Aneesa (@hijabi_in_london); Mona (@manoosa92); Mara (@maradxb); Tulin (@trestouline); Aneesa (@ibreatheshoes) ;Hannah (@hannahghouri); Amira (@modesrmira_); Halima (@misslittlefancy); Zahra (@zahrarosea); Maryam (@maryam.taqi); Sabba (@queenofsabba); Zara ( @zaraazix); Anna Nourin (@aana_nourin) ; Mariah Idrissi (@mariahidrissi); Nabila Bee (@nabilabee); Asma (@asmabdrr); Nadia (@rnadiasabrina); Sebina (@sebinaah)

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