Monday, 21 October 2013

My Eid...! Day #2

Eid day was a colourful affair for us, we didn't go completely all out, but we still dressed up in our glad rags and invited family around for my mum's yummy food and some presents for the little bebbles in the family! It was a nice relaxing day, which was nice as we managed to see most of the extended family in one day!

This is what I wore, a tealy green long dress which is a Widyaan design by Shahid Afridi (yes, the Pakistani cricketer!) - here's is the design I wore, although I didn't wear it as glamorously as the model did!

Here's me wearing it, which I had to take sneaky pictures of all day to get a good image!

We had plenty of food for lunch and for dinner, although I forgot to take pictures of all of the food! (And we had cake afterwards, of course!)

The girls in the family were also beautifully dressed on both Eid days, here's a few pictures of their outfits (I loved my sister's blue dip-dye dress most, more on this later!)


All in all it was a lovely Eid (and one which we all stuffed our faces on!) - it was good to get together and celebrate, and we even managed to hand out our qurbani meat to the neighbours in our glad rags!

How was your Eid? What did you wear?

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  1. Sister where did you get this dress from and what about the price? This color is awesome.