Sunday, 20 October 2013

My Eid...! Day #1

This Eid was was a fairly quiet one, spent with family, with all of us eating a lot of good food, taking silly photographs, playing with the babies in the family and generally having a good evening. The night before Eid (on Chand Raat), we were invited for dinner at my sister's house, which meant a good start to the Eid celebrations  (not to mention some yummy food!).

Here's what I wore, a deep bluey-indigo Threads and Motif outfit that I got stitched a few months ago (I looked for something new to wear in the shops before Eid, but didn't see anuthing I liked, so ended up with this instead!). I paired this with sparkly heels and some gold jewellery, but otherwise kept it fairly simple as I didn't want a fussy look.

Here's me wearing the outfit, which you can see was a simple, long kameez with straight, raw silk trousers for a very comfy, simple look (sorry for the grainy pictures, I didn't manage to get very many good images!) I love the embroidery on this outfit, which looked really pretty and neatly done, and didn't catch on anything the way metal-work does!

And here's some of the things that we did (and ate!) on the evening, which was also on my niece's first birthday, so we had plenty of pretty cupcakes and presents - not to mention some ooh-ing and aahh-ing at everyone's outfits, least of all my sister's beautiful Choos!

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  1. mA I love the way your family really goes all out for Eid :0)