Friday, 19 July 2013

FOLLOWING TRENDS: Patent Purses & Clutches by Ted Baker

I'm seeing a lot of the below colours in the shops lately, nudes, pinks, pastels as well as bright corals and reds, not to mention flower prints, not just on clothes but on handbags and clutches too. I'm really liking this collection of ted Baker purses and clutch bags, which are not too dressy and very pretty, perfect for a dressy night out, smart wear or just a bit of colourful pretty-ness to jazz up an everyday outfit.

While they're not too cheap, they're something different for someone willing to shell out a bit more for a pretty purse - I'm really liking this one!

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  1. the baby pink colour is super pretty!!!

    1. It is, but I also like the brighter coral pink one too!