Monday, 8 July 2013

Aisha Lenia and Shahbaz Shigri's Wedding

Aisha Lenia Akhtar is a Pakistani model and actress whose work and photoshoots I have had a glimpse at before, particulatrly her bridal make-up and jewellery photoshoots. She got married recently to fellow actor and celeb Shahbaz Shigri, what looked like a fun ceremony.

I haven't seen much pictures of the entire wedding at all, but the few I've seen looks quite fun - such as the mehndi picture below which shows the bride looking very pretty (you can see more images here)

I LOVED this film-style poster for the mehndi, which looked really cute and different, and definitely something to take inspiration from. I've seen a few mehndi-posters like these on other blogs and weddings, and it's cute to see here because they're both actors (definitely something to copy for an upcoming mehndi or birthday party!)

I've only seen a couple of the wedding pictures of the bride on her wedding day and her reception, but she does look very lovely, and her bridal look is one which I find very beautiful. I'm not sure who the designers of her dresses are, but I'm sure I'll find out soon enough!

Photography taken by Jahanzeb Khan Photography and belongs to their Facebook group

I also loved her nikah pictures, which took place last year (which you can see here), which had her wearing a really pretty grey and deep red dress which looked simpler yet very pretty (although for some reason shw
reminds me a little of Bollywood actress Manisha Lamba!)

I'll be keeping an eye out for more pictures, but I did think this was quite sweet, and the bride certainly looks beautiful on her special day.

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