Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Presents from Pakistan...!

A kind friend of mine brought back presents from Pakistan a few days ago, and what presents they were! (Okay I did give her the money to get them for me so they're not technically presents, but it's the effort that was nice!) First up were these pretty kundan white and gold earrings, paired with a very pretty bracelet. What I loved about these were that they weren't too heavy, and they go with a lot of my outfits, and they looked quite elegant and well made in terms of design.

Next up, some pretty, rainbow coloured bangles, which I really fell in love with. Again, I can see this being useful for several mehndi events (namely my sister's upcoming wedding!), but I just loved how funky the colours were. Add to this some pretty, sparkly brooches which I'll probably wear as hijab pins, and some fabric-twisted bangles (apparently the latest fashion in Lahore at the moment is fabric covered/gota style bangles and jewellery). I'll take her word for that, not sure if it'll catch on here.

This is probably the best part of the presents stash I got - Ding Dong bubble gum and coco beans sugary sweets. My sisters and I used to eat tons of these as children (we used to help ourselves to them from my uncle's shop in Pakistan) and we've always been fond of them since. The smell of these (the bubble-gum especially) is beautfully tasty and very tempting - have any of you tried these?


  1. Like the earrings and the bracelet is different. Nice haul you got there. I'll have to pop round and test some of these out for you, you know for safety standards and stuff.

  2. Yes, These bubble gums are great!