Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Lovely Hijab: Maid Marian in The Adventures of Robin Hood

One place of inspiration for trying out new or different styles and colours of hijab, I've noticed, is looking at older periods just as Medieval-influenced fashion, or courtly dress in period-style films which emphasise modesty. One perfect example is Maid Marion in 'The Adventures of Robin Hood', played by a lovely Olivia de Hallivand, who pulls the look off well, as well as remaining fairly consistent in her look throughout the film in her head-wear and her feminine scarves.

This red and purple mix appeals to me simply because of the rich red being combined with a softer purple to give a pretty look, and is something which uses a great colour palette. The small details such as the brooch being pinned (which is a look which some hijabis like to use), as well as the draping of the scarves is something I love, it covers well without feeling restrictive, and could definitely be something to try to copy.

Throughout the film, there are a range of looks which varies the 'scarf' style worn by Maid Marion, where each look has a different colour palette, and also pairs together the dress and it's colour very well with Maid Marion's head pieces and the detailing on her dresses.

I think my favourite two of the mix are these two below, simply because of how well the colours are mixed together, and also because both are colour combinations that I wouldn't normally wear. While the gold and black looks slightly Arab in my eyes (I can imagine this being worn by a few people I know!), the light, shimmery blue is very innocent and pretty, and makes for a pretty look which some girls may want to try.

 All images belong to directors/producers of The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

I really like the fact that although this film was made back in 1938, it's still something which could be current to today's fashion, something which could be re-interpreted and re-tailored to fit our own styles - and still work. I love how much small detail has gone into each look, and also the fact that each look uses rich colours, beautiful fabrics and muted embellishments to pull the look together and really make it pretty. Are there any here which you'd like to try out?

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  1. Ha Ha I love this film, especially when Errol Flynn whacks a great deer on the kings table.

    Hijab in the olden days isn't really surprising considering it has a place in the Christian and Jewish faiths.

    Not sure about the agals though (you know the ring the Arabs wear with the keffiyah).