Sunday, 19 February 2012

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Sneha Ullal's Fantasy Lenghay in 'Lucky'

'Lucky' featuring Sneha Ullal in her debut film as a very young, innocent-faced heroine. There's not much glamour in terms of outfits, although it IS set in a beautiful country and makes good use of the scenery. What I would like to pick up on is two pretty outfits which stood out for me from a 'fantasy' type song (you know how they are in Bollywood films!) which appears in this movie.

The first outfit is a beautiful combination of gold and turquoisey blue, which is further emphasised by a beautiful, palace-like background and colour-cordinated against her outfit. I've seen a few designs like this in the High Street, and see why it can be a flattering colour on brown skin, as well as something which can look quite shimmery. What also goes nicely with this outfit is the gold and turquoise stone set and the matching hair accessory piece in her plait, which adds some glamour to the look.

The second outfit is a rich, ruby red lengha outfit with rich embellishment and a velvet red choli top. I'm a big fan of velvet in rich colours like deep red, and I like how this is carried off well with all of the embellishment on the lengha without it looking too heavy or busy. Again, the make up and hair style is fairly simple in order to emphasise the richness of the outfit. Can't say I love the jewellery being used here, but it's still pulled together fairly well and doesn't clash with the outfit either.

All images belong to directors/producers of Lucky

I like the contrast in colours for both of these outfits, and also how they reflect colours which are often used by real-life brides. I also like the fact that actress chose to keep her hair and make-up fairly simple rather than making them stand out too much and taking away some of the focus to her look.
Although not everyone will love the colour combinations used here, I think it can be agreed that there is a very regal, pretty look to the whole style of this song, and the detail that has been put into the scenery as well as the outfits.

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