Friday, 9 June 2017


Happy Friyay! I thought I'd post some more links for you all, especially since I've not been blogging as often as I'd like to in the last week or so, so here's some reading material for you to try in the meantime:

Modest Seamstress Blog
This is someone I met a few weeks ago whose focus is on minimalist modest fashion. I think this blogger is a wonderful one, she's very down to earth, easy to get on with and I love everything she wears! I don't think I can manage minimalism just yet (every time I clear things out of my wardrobe, I find more things to replace them with) but I do love her concept of it.

Style Haven Blog
This is one I've followed for a couple of years, and is a mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts -  although admittedly I like it for the Pakistani-fashion posts!

Desi Rain Drops
This is another blogger who I have admired for a while, who posts various travel, modest fashion and food posts. I love her style and always look forward to her outfit posts, and she always has nice things to say.

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  1. Kapray is my passion too though I am not into designing but looking at stylist dresses makes me feel happy. Your post is really nice.